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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Northern Nevada Golf Association (NNGA)?

The NNGA is a volunteer based non-profit organization founded to represent, promote and serve the best interests of golf in the state of Nevada. NNGA was founded in 1972 and has since served amateur golfers in Nevada. The NNGA's goals are to promote voluntary association of golf clubs and course facilities solely for the betterment of golf and to encourage good relations among members of the Association. To advance uniform rules and standards consistent with those published by the USGA, especially with regard to the Handicap System, Amateur Status, and Rules of Golf. To establish and maintain uniform handicap and course rating systems consistent with USGA recommended procedures. To conduct local and state competition and to assist individual member club activities. To engage in and promote such other activities deemed to be in the best interest of golf, and amateur golfers in Northern Nevada.

The Northern Nevada Golf Association is the official representative and is licensed by the United States Golf Association to conduct all aspects of the game for Northern Nevada.

How do I join the NNGA?

You become a member of the NNGA when you join one of the NNGA's Member Clubs or you join the NNGA eClub. To join the NNGA Club click here .

What is the phone number and address for the NNGA?

Mailing Address
18124 Wedge Pkwy
Reno, Nevada 89511
Phone: (775) 673.4653

Physical Address
Toiyabe Golf Club
19 Lightning W Ranch Rd
New Washoe City, NV 89704

Phone: (775) 673.4653
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How does the NNGA serve its members?

USGA handicap: The NNGA administers the World Handicap System throughout Northern Nevada assuring compliance with all USGA requirements.

Course rating/measuring: The NNGA provides course rating and measuring services to its member clubs to insure all handicaps are fairly administered.

Tournament Schedule: Arranges and compiles a yearly tournament schedule open to NNGA members. The NNGA conducts designated point events to determine amateurs, both scratch and net, for player of the year. Conducts USGA qualifying events.

The Northern Nevada Golf Association: NNGA provides assistance to local high school and junior championships by providing rules officials at local championships. Provides handicaps for juniors at no charge. Scholarship Fund: The Northern Nevada Golf Association provides financial aid to the John Whalen-Francis Haase Memorial Scholarship fund to assist local juniors with their college needs. Debbie Schwoyer is Chairman of this scholarship fund.

What do you get for your NNGA annual dues?

Benefits Include

  • A computerized USGA handicap index- USGA GHIN System.
  • Handicap Revisions every single day that you post a score in the GHIN System.
  • Being a member of the GHIN and have access to post your scores online or the GHIN app.
  • Use of the USGA GHIN app on your smart phone that includes GPS, Advanced Stat Tracking and the ability to play games with your playing partners.
  • Opportunity to play in all NNGA and NSGA events.
  • Opportunity to qualify via the points system to represent the NNGA at Team events including the Cobb-Whalen Cup, Haase-Whalen Cup, Brooks Park Cup and Pacific Coast Amateur).
  • Access to seminars on Rules of Golf, handicapping information, course-rating classes.
  • NNGA will assist you with questions regarding all matters involving Amateur Golf.

What does it cost to be a member of the NNGA?

The annual fee for membership is set by each individual club based on programs and other factors.

Can both men and women join?

The NNGA is open to both men and women. There are tournaments that involve men and women and tournaments that are just for men or women.

Do I have to join a club to belong to the NNGA?

Yes. The United States Golf Association mandates that, as part of the USGA handicap system, a person must belong to a club that affords a chance to play with other club members and maintains peer review to insure the integrity of the handicapping system. The NNGA endorses this policy and, thus, requires members to join the NNGA club to belong to the association.

How large is the NNGA?

NNGA has a current membership of 8000 members and 71 member clubs.

Can I send you an email?

Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.