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Scoring Differential


We use this process to determine our team members.  The process take into account the difficulty of the course and the rating.  This will give us a better representation of the ability of the player.  An example would be if you played at Edgewood and shoot a 79 vs playing at Eagle Valley East and shooting a 79, your Edgewood differential would be lower due to the higher rating and slope.

To determine the Handicap Differential, subtract the USGA Course Rating from the adjusted gross score; multiply the difference by 113, and divide the resulting number by the Slope Rating. Round the final number to the nearest tenth.

BJAC and Hogan Cup Teams, two players each. The “fairest” way we found is to use the differential since it is based on the rating and slope of the course. We use the lowest 4 differentials (out of a possible 7 rounds) of the player from the *asterisk events listed on the Level 3 schedule. By taking the best of 4 differentials it allows players to throw out a high round. Each of the four male players that have qualified can choose which team they would like to play on, starting with the first-place qualifier through the fourth place qualifier.

GJAC team is made up of four female players and we use the same qualifying process taking the top 4 players. 

IMG-Jr.World Qualifier. The IMG Qualifier is only open to NNJGA members that live within 75 miles of Reno and who attend school in Northern Nevada or are a Northern Nevada Resident.

9 Hole Division

Boys     11-12  1 spot   
Girls 11-12  1 spot
Boys 9-10 1 spot
Girls 9-10 1 spot

 18 Hole Division

Boys    15-18        2 spots     
Girls  15-18 2 spots
Boys  13-14 1 spot
qualifying 79 or better
Girls  13-14 1 spot
qualifying 86 or better

Teams: BJAC, GJAC and Hogan Cup Teams

Residence Eligibility:  The player must live and go to school in the Northern Nevada area or live and go to school within 75 miles of Reno.  Players must play in the 15-18 Division.  Players can play up for the season.

There is a Travel Fee per player for BJAC and GJAC it will be: $500.00 per player

Travel Fee for Hogan Cup:  $400.00 per player

Nevada State Jr. Amateur  Championship:   36 Hole Stroke Play Championship

Age Groups

Boys  15-18
Girls 15-18
Boys 13-14
Girls 13-14

Open to Level 3 players only. Players that played in 2019 are invited to compete in the 2020 Championship.  

Top finishers from Capitol City Championship will be invited along with other players.