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New Membership Instructions

New Membership

How to join

  • If you do not have a GHIN Number, you will need to have one in order to register.
  • Click on this GHIN LINK if you need to sign up for a GHIN Number.
  • You will need to record your GHIN Number because you will need it during registration.

  • Once you have your new GHIN Number go back to the NNGA.org and click on the “Junior Golf” menu tab again.
  • Click on “Sign-ups and Results” or USE THIS LINK to get to the Golf Genius tournament management page.

  • Click on the "Registration" menu tab to register your player on the Master Roster
    • You will need the GHIN Number, parents email address and create a password.
      You will need to remember the login email and password as you will need them to sign up for Memberships and Events. That will be the next step. 

  • Once you are registered for the Master Roster you will be able to sign up for the season through the "Membership" menu tab.
  • You will choose the Level your Junior will be playing this season, add your Credit Card information and pay for that level.

  • The final step is signing up for Tournaments! You can do this right away or you can visit the page at a later time. 
  • You will click on the menu tab for your Golfers Level (L3 Schedule or L1-2 Schedule) then select the event that you want your Junior to enter.
    (Note: We do not charge your Credit Card for event fees until the deadline date of that event.  Remember that there is no charge if you pull your junior out of the event before the deadline.  After we charge your card it is a done deal.  Some exceptions may apply.)  

If you need any help with any step of this process please give me a call and we can do it together!!

Thank you for joining! See you this summer.

Pam  Whalen
Executive Director