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Recruiting Information

Players need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and have an Eligibility Center ID number. 

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Eligibility Center Checklist. 

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Scores should be mid to low 70’s and playing from at least 6000 yards. This is where the Ping College Golf Guide comes into play. Input your scores and length of the golf course and see what level (Pac 12, Mountain West, Big Sky) the player is at. This will also help the player decide on what schools to contact through emails.

Play in national tournaments as much as possible. Coaches do not really care much about HS events. Play in the USGA Boys/ Girls Jr championship, US amateur qualifying. Junior World, play in the FCWT in conjunction with JR World. Also, find out what tournaments coaches will be recruiting at and play in them so the player can be seen.

Coaches welcome a question or two from parents. Coaches want to hear from the player. This is a way for coaches to get to know the player.

It is always a good idea to visit a campus, but before you visit make sure the coach is interested in the player. Arrange a day and time that works for the coach’s schedule. It is always a good idea for the player to meet the coach to see if it is a fit for the player as well.

Hiring a recruiter: 50/50 on how coaches feel about this.   Many coaches feel like it is a waste of money. Coaches want to know the player has done research on their specific school and is personally sending the coach the emails, not a recruiting service. Coaches do not like it when a player sends mass emails to coaches. Typically, the email will be deleted without even being read. 

Coaches are looking for 3.5 or higher and an SAT / ACT score of 1240 or 26

Ask the coach what the best way is to communicate (text, email, phone calls). Coaches communicate in different ways. It is also important to ask to set up a time to talk on the phone. Once again, make sure the coach is interested in the Student-Athlete.

Be patient. Sometime a coach may not respond if they are on the road or swamped with their current season. A follow-up email is always good after a few weeks.

When a player meets the coach, the coach wants to make sure the player is going to be a good fit for their program. Will they fit in with the team? Good chemistry is very important. Coaches are looking for players that want to work hard, will put the time into getting better, are coachable, will be a good teammate and their values have to match up with the coach. Coaches will look at how the player treats their parents; this is a direct indication of how they will treat the coach. Coaches look for grit, can they come back after a big number on a hole or do they just give up.